Progress Against Cholera

We were excited to receive photos from Etienne showing more of the work and supplies funded by donations to Haiti Ap Grandi.

The Les Anglais Health Center is across the street from the MEBSH church and school with which many of us are familiar through the Hope for Kidz scholarship program. The clinic was unable to respond effectively to the cholera outbreak initially because they didn’t have supplies for treatment or sanitation. Worse, they had no clean water because their well was broken. With funds supplied by supporters of Haiti Ap Grandi, Etienne purchased and delivered supplies for the city clinic and the school. He also arranged on our behalf for the repair of the Health Center’s well, along with numerous other wells in the area.

Les Angles Health Center across the street from the MEBSH church/school
Cholera tent at the Health Center
Robert and his wife checking people into a clinic
Cholera patients at the Health Center
Pastor and Madame Pastor Bonel at the church/school infirmary
The Health Center’s elevated water tank
Public handwashing station
Some of the supplies and equipment provided through Haiti Ap Grandi for the Health Center and the school
… and more supplies