Micro-Loans for Women

We are excited to announce this new program being launched by Passion for Haiti. Most men are currently out of work in Haiti due to the corona virus and political instability, making it hard to provide for their families. Fortunately men can often find various small sources of income. But very many women in Haiti have no job opportunities available to them. If their husband is not able to work or they are alone it is truly a desperate situation for them and their children.

Provides Start-up Funding for Materials and Inventory

For families currently without husband/father income, this program will provide start-up funds so the women can buy and/or make products to sell at local markets. The initial round of loans will be made to 15 women who will participate in 5-person support circles, led by an appointed member. We call it a micro-loan program because they will repay the principal of the loan so we can lend it again to someone else. The loans will range from US $300 to $500 with a term of 6 months and a possible extension if needed.