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Haiti Club is an informal group of friends and supporters of Haiti and Haiti Ap Grandi. We generally meet monthly for a lively Dine & Zoom, which starts with dinner at a Lake Oswego, Oregon restaurant. The Zoom session starts after dinner and typically includes news, updates on Etienne’s programs, photos and videos, and more conversation with people living far away or who find it difficult to get to a weeknight meeting in person.

Our Facebook Group is an extension of Haiti Club. You are invited!

Our group is private; it can be discovered by anybody on Facebook, but people must ask to be accepted as a member. Only members can see who the other members are and view posts, photos, and other information. We’ll also use the Haiti Club group to announce meetings and provide links to Zooms, recordings, presentations, and other content.

How to Join

To join, log into your Facebook account, then go to and click the Join group button. You will be asked a question (to screen out bots). If you are currently receiving emails from Haiti Ap Grandi, you should be accepted automatically, but if not, a Group Moderator will approve you within days. If you later decide this isn’t for you, you can leave the Group at any time.