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Achieve Food and Income Security for the People of Haiti

Food and Income Security
Food and Income Security

Kids 4 Kidz Goat Program
Kids 4 Kidz

Restoring the Land
Restoring the Land

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Agronomy Internships

November 2019: Nationwide Food Crisis

Food scarcity is currently a life or death reality for people across Haiti, in cities, towns, and rural areas. 60% of their food is imported, making them very vulnerable to inflation, which was most-recently reported near 20%. This is compounded by widespread protests that make it difficult if not impossible to move food and fuel to where it is needed.

Etienne Francois, the Haitian agronomist who leads our efforts in food and income security, is requesting additional support for the successful and self-sustaining Kids 4 Kidz goat program that provides income, milk, and meat to families in the rural southwest region. Cost for a female goat is $50 and for a male goat is $200. Contributions of any amount are greatly appreciated.

If you prefer to use a check, go to the You Can Help page for our mailing address.

November 2019: Year in Review

People throughout Haiti, including our friends in the Southwest Arm, are experiencing very tough times, as you have probably seen in the news. Passion for Haiti’s Etienne Francois and the agents that work with him are finding it difficult to get gas to transport seeds, plans, and tools for their farming projects this year.

However, with our help, Passion for Haiti had a very successful year despite the tumultuous political climate. The cocoa trees, bananas, sweet potatoes, avocados, and pineapples they planted in poor areas of the countryside made a huge difference in helping subsistence farmers survive. Since the start of 2019 they have, with the help of 126 college interns and the affected farmers, established over 50,000 plant starts. This fall, they will plant 30,000 more coffee trees. Throughout the year, they trained 45 new young people to receive and care for 70 goats in the Kids for Kidz program.

Passion for Haiti is a Haitian organization that our US non-profit Compassion for Haiti supports in their planning, building, and maintaining of agronomy projects in the southwestern part of Haiti. They succeed by listening to the people to learn their needs, resources, and capabilities. Passion for Haiti is a powerful lever to help us change the lives of extremely poor farmers by delivering goods (plants, animals, seeds) and services (education, training, market access) to help under-served people lift themselves, their families, and their communities out of desperate situations.