Haiti Club Dine & Zoom

You’re invited to the Haiti Club dinner on May 13th, our first in a long time. We held a Zoom video meeting last month that was well attended, so now we want to get together for an in-person Haiti Club dinner! Not only that, but we intend to broadcast the after-dinner presentation (with new photos!) over Zoom to include guests who can’t join us in person.

As you may know, Haiti Club is a loose affiliation of friends and supporters of Haiti Mission teams that have been doing mission work in and around Les Anglais, Haiti for over 30 years, facilitated by Reciprocal Ministries International (RMI). We also support the work of Agronomist Etienne Francois and his teams of interns and agents who provide training, supplies, veterinary care, and other services to help families achieve food and income security. COVID and physical safety have prevented travel there since our last visit in 2020. Due to continuing unrest and lack of political structure, we don’t have a date yet for a future mission trip.

But hope springs eternal and we are committed to staying faithful to our friends in Les Anglais and surrounding communities, to RMI and our Agronomist Etienne Francois, and to his team who are all still doing great work despite the difficulties and lack of nearly everything required for economic success. Thank God they aren’t experiencing much violence in Southern Haiti these days!

Etienne Planting Seeds

Monday, May 13th Dinner 6:00pm
Szechuan Kitchen – 15450 Boones Ferry Rd. Lake Oswego, OR 97035

7:00pm Presentation Zoom link: Use form below to request the link.
Don’t click until shortly before 7pm on the 13th.

We will gather for a meal and fellowship to bring you up to date, talk about how we can make a difference now, reconnect, and build our relationships. Unfortunately for Zoom participants, you’ll have to order Chinese takeout for the full experience.