Goats Coming Soon!

On Monday of this week, we sent the $6691 that was donated during the Christmas season for the Kids for Kidz goat program to Etienne so he can launch the first Class of ’22. Etienne says there is not a shortage now of those goats, so he won’t need to import any. Even the special billy goats he sources from the US Virgin Islands are available. How lucky is that? 

However, there are still many issues that could affect the goat program schedule: COVID, fuel scarcity and exorbitant prices for fuel, government instability, and social unrest. Etienne and his agents have managed to get a lot of other major projects done over the last several months despite these challenges, so we’re hopeful that they will be able to prevail in this as well.

Etienne will first calculate the number of goats he can purchase, print up the correct number of curriculum books, and schedule the classes for the chosen children from the target village. He and his team will administer classes for the goat recipients over two Saturday mornings. 

In parallel, he will buy the billies and nanny goats, gather them up, and deliver them on the Saturday of the children’s graduation. The total time is going to probably be about a month unless one of the issues mentioned earlier derail the schedule.

people loading goats onto a green bus
All aboard the Goat Bus!