Earthquake August 14, 2021

Message from Jim Shaw:

Sadly, Haiti has experienced another major quake even larger than the 2010 earthquake. This one was centered much closer to Les Cayes, where RMI and Etienne’s Passion For Haiti organization are based.

Etienne’s facilities and RMI’s compound suffered little damage, but Les Cayes has suffered greatly. Not much news yet other than that.

Etienne messaged me that he is well and the Sister Church in Les Anglais is still standing. PTL for that.  However, the Les Anglais Catholic Church collapsed during services this morning and killed and injured many people. News still breaking there.  

I will let you know more as we get info.  

Pray for our Sister Church and Etienne and his staff and RMI and their staff.  

Also, we received a message from Rod and Debbie Wray that their compound near Les Cayes was heavily damaged and all buildings are destroyed or damaged and even the ground has opened fissures around the compound. Please pray for them.

Blessings and thanks for your prayers.