Donating Equities

What are the advantages of donating equities such as shares of stock and mutual funds?*

  • The value of the shares you donate may be tax deductible as a charitable donation.
  • If the shares have increased in value since they were purchased, you may not need to pay capital gains tax on the gain. This can be a good way to deal with highly-appreciated shares.

How to donate shares to Haiti Ap Grandi

If you have a broker or financial planner who places trades for you, provide them the following information with your request to donate shares. If your brokerage firm has an online or paper form for donating equities, you can fill and submit it yourself with this information. Save a copy for use when preparing your taxes.

  • Our brokerage firm: Charles Schwab (the “Receiving Firm”)
  • DTC Number: 0164
  • Address: PO Box 982603, El Paso, Tx 79998
  • For Benefit Of: Compassion for Haiti (that’s our old name, but we have to use it until the change is processed)
  • Our account Number: 5145-4617
  • Additional info that might be requested
    • Our EIN: 46-246
    • Investment name
    • CUSIP or Symbol
    • Number of shares to donate
    • Lot acquisition date
    • Lot acquisition cost

Questions? Send email to

* The fine print: Consult your tax professional or financial advisor for advice on whether your share donation is tax-deductible and whether the unrealized cap gains on the donated shares are tax-free for your situation.