Compassion for Haiti’s New Name

Haiti Ap Grandi means Haiti Growing, which sums up our vision and programs: increasing food and cash crop production, raising incomes, sharing knowledge, improving health, and supporting environmental recovery.

Effects of the Name Change

Obviously the website address is different now. For the next 10 months, the old web address will forward to the new one. The email addresses for Board members and general inquiries have also changed to … The old email addresses will forward to the new ones until about March of 2022.

The website has been changed from static pages to a dynamic structure so we can add information and photos more frequently. This article, or “post”, is an example of how this works: The webmaster or other contributor will write a new post when there is something to share with our supporters and the public. That post will be visible on the News Archive page for a long time. The newest posts will also be featured on the Home page until they are pushed off by newer posts.

An all-new Facebook page is being developed and we plan to post there frequently. When that goes live you’ll see the most recent Facebook posts along the right side of Home and other pages throughout the website.

We updated our contacts list and moved it to Mailchimp to make it easier for us to keep the list current and for recipients to manage their contact info and preferences. At this time there is a single email list for news updates and invitations to Haiti Club meetings. We are limiting the number of emails to two or fewer per month. We plan to create a separate email list dedicated to Haiti Ap Grandi topics; these emails will be less frequent and people will be able to choose whether to receive emails from one, both, or neither of these lists. If you aren’t receiving the Haiti Club emails and want to be added to that list, go to Subscribe to Haiti Club Emails to fill out the brief form. To make sure our emails don’t get trapped in your Junk folder, add to your Safe Senders list. For instructions on how to do this, search the web using the name of your email app and “safe sender” (eg. “gmail safe sender”).

Why We Made this Change

Compassion for Haiti was notified by a large international charity that our use of the word “compassion” infringed on their rights. Rather than spend many thousands of dollars to defend our name, we chose a new name and logo. We have better uses for money. Having a unique name will also put us at or near the top of search results instead of many pages down the list once our new name has been active for awhile.