New Year, New Projects

Our first Board meeting of 2023 was devoted to reviewing and funding the new projects Etienne proposed for this year. Water: Colse is a mountain village without a nearby water source. Residents have to walk down the mountain for water, then carry it back up. Etienne will buy water storage tanks and transport them to the village. $7000 Goats: Etienne plans to start a goat program in Coquione, a village above Charbonnier. He needs money to buy the goats, transport them, and run the training program for the recipients. $7000 Seeds: Etienne proposed buying seed for farmers in Les Anglais. We are requesting that he also buy additional seeds to restart the community garden on church grounds. $3000 Agronomy Agent: Etienne recently hired a new…

Compassion for Haiti’s New Name

Haiti Ap Grandi means Haiti Growing, which sums up our vision and programs: increasing food and cash crop production, raising incomes, sharing knowledge, improving health, and supporting environmental recovery. Effects of the Name Change