Hope for Kidz

2023 Goat Roundup & Agronomy Review

See what amazing work Etienne Francois and his agronomy interns have been doing for the people of southwestern Haiti over the last year. Major projects include the Kids for Kids goat program, training and support for farm families, educating college students, and veterinary clinics that treated thousands of farm animals. Click through this slideshow for photos and more information about the goats, livestock, field preparation, seeds, and veterinary services provided to farm families to increase their production and income. Below the slideshow is a very short video clip of a boy and his new goat. Click through the slideshow with the up & down arrow buttons in the upper left corner of the slides. “I love my goat so much!”

Schools and Hot Lunch Start This Week

News from our partners at Reciprocal Ministries International: Haitian schools are to open on November 7!  Pray that peace reigns and this is allowed to happen.Police have taken back the fuel depots from the gangs. RMI staff will begin to surreptitiously distribute the Hot Lunch Program food to the schools in small unmarked trucks this week. Pray for the safety of the staff and vehicles.

June Updates

Though the Haitian people face many social and economic issues, they all remember the day their country won its independence from the colonial slave system: November 18th, 1803. May 18th was Haitian Flag Day. It’s usually a joyful day of celebration with school parades honoring Haiti’s rich history of freedom. Earlier that same year, on May 18th, Jean-Jacques Dessalines took down the French flag, ripped out the white band and had Catherine Flon sew the blue and red stripes together, creating the blue and red Haitian flag. Ever since that day, the Haitian people have celebrated May 18th as Flag Day. This year it has been difficult to celebrate. Gang violence and deep insecurity are inescapable realities. In the southern peninsula where Les Anglais and…