General News

2023 Goat Roundup & Agronomy Review

See what amazing work Etienne Francois and his agronomy interns have been doing for the people of southwestern Haiti over the last year. Major projects include the Kids for Kids goat program, training and support for farm families, educating college students, and veterinary clinics that treated thousands of farm animals. Click through this slideshow for photos and more information about the goats, livestock, field preparation, seeds, and veterinary services provided to farm families to increase their production and income. Below the slideshow is a very short video clip of a boy and his new goat. Click through the slideshow with the up & down arrow buttons in the upper left corner of the slides. “I love my goat so much!”

Progress Against Cholera

We were excited to receive photos from Etienne showing more of the work and supplies funded by donations to Haiti Ap Grandi. The Les Anglais Health Center is across the street from the MEBSH church and school with which many of us are familiar through the Hope for Kidz scholarship program. The clinic was unable to respond effectively to the cholera outbreak initially because they didn’t have supplies for treatment or sanitation. Worse, they had no clean water because their well was broken. With funds supplied by supporters of Haiti Ap Grandi, Etienne purchased and delivered supplies for the city clinic and the school. He also arranged on our behalf for the repair of the Health Center’s well, along with numerous other wells in the…

Incredible News!

Incredible News!

Message from Etienne Francois to Jim Shaw on 2/09/23: “Good evening my friend how are you? We are back in Les Cayes after two days in a mission to repair 7 wells. Now the community of the Les Anglais area are getting clean water!  People are expressing their love and gratitude to you all and also I delivered I-V’s, medicines, hand sanitizers, bleach, HCl, oral rehydration solution packets, and spray bottles.  Both to the clinic of Les Anglais and also to the school.” From Jim: “I am so excited to hear that our friends in Les Anglais now have some tools to keep people from dying and to help them keep from getting the deadly disease.Thank you to all those who have given our foundation…

New Year, New Projects

Our first Board meeting of 2023 was devoted to reviewing and funding the new projects Etienne proposed for this year. Water: Colse is a mountain village without a nearby water source. Residents have to walk down the mountain for water, then carry it back up. Etienne will buy water storage tanks and transport them to the village. $7000 Goats: Etienne plans to start a goat program in Coquione, a village above Charbonnier. He needs money to buy the goats, transport them, and run the training program for the recipients. $7000 Seeds: Etienne proposed buying seed for farmers in Les Anglais. We are requesting that he also buy additional seeds to restart the community garden on church grounds. $3000 Agronomy Agent: Etienne recently hired a new…

Schools and Hot Lunch Start This Week

News from our partners at Reciprocal Ministries International: Haitian schools are to open on November 7!  Pray that peace reigns and this is allowed to happen.Police have taken back the fuel depots from the gangs. RMI staff will begin to surreptitiously distribute the Hot Lunch Program food to the schools in small unmarked trucks this week. Pray for the safety of the staff and vehicles.

Earthquake Update, Day 3

Message from Jim Shaw to our Haiti Supporters: We are grieved to tell you that the Saturday August 14th earthquake in Haiti killed 20 children and adults during a baptism at the Les Anglais Catholic church when the steeple fell down on them. The town of Les Anglais is in mourning.   None of the buildings at the Baptist church and school fell or were seriously damaged. Some developed cracks but are still functional.   Reciprocal Ministries International had no serious damage to any of their buildings in Les Cayes although many homes in the area around their headquarters were destroyed. They are working on a plan for assistance. More news to come later. Etienne Francois is driving about the country helping people who are injured get to hospitals. He needs…