About Us

Haiti Ap Grandi, originally named Compassion for Haiti, was formed for exclusively charitable and educational purposes. Specifically, Haiti Ap Grandi provides financial and material support to villages, schools, agricultural cooperatives, and other charitable and educational organizations in Haiti. Haiti Ap Grandi utilizes on-the-ground organizations like Passion for Haiti, which is a licensed Haitian organization that delivers productivity technology and marketing assistance to farmers and ranchers as well as humanitarian aid and health training in remote areas of the Lower Arm of the island.

Haiti Ap Grandi’s operational method is to collaborate with knowledgeable local contacts to identify aid and development opportunities, plan projects to address them, and implement these programs.

Current and Future Projects

Projects that Haiti Ap Grandi currently supports and/or plans to pursue in the future include:

  • Support and grow the Kids 4 Kidz goat program that provides training to children to receive, care for, and breed goats, an animal that is a great fit to the environment and available feed in Haiti. Each child is granted two female goats to raise. The first offspring is given back to the program to be granted to another child, making this a self-sustaining program. The children and their families benefit from the training and the milk, meat, and income from running their goat businesses.
  • Drive development of cacao production across southern Haiti. In addition to generating income for thousands of families, growing cacao promotes reforestation and stabilization of the soil on steep mountain slopes, reducing erosion and flooding.
  • Increase funding to our partner organizations to expand their range of services and number of people served. Particular needs are for agricultural supplies and tools, and vehicles for agricultural transport in Haiti.
  • Collaborate with Passion For Haiti and the American University in Les Cayes in the creation and operation of a Center for Research and Development to give students and communities information, knowledge, tools, training and other assistance in agricultural and community development.

Past Projects

Prior to the formal organization of Compassion for Haiti in early 2015, its activities and finances were conducted for more than ten years by private parties.

  • Supporting relief, recovery, and rebuilding after Hurricane Matthew, which directly struck Les Anglais and the surrounding area, the primary location in which we operate. details and photos >>
  • Provide funding for composting latrines in communities that don’t have sanitation facilities.
  • Funding and directing the drilling of nine wells to supply free potable water to the residents of Les Anglais and surrounding communities, in partnership with Engineers without Borders.
  • Funding parts and labor to repair pumps that required replacement or maintenance due to continual use. Residents are well aware that clean drinking water is critical for avoiding cholera and other microbial diseases.
  • Supplying 2500 boxes of Food for Haiti to residents in the area of Les Anglais after the 2010 earthquake and hurricanes caused critical food shortages there.
  • Providing wages to Etienne Francois, an agronomist in Les Anglais, to support his work teaching farmers to grow more nourishing crops and to properly care for livestock. He also trains new agronomists and veterinary technicians.
  • Funding start-up of a chicken/egg business that employed earthquake refugees in the Les Anglais area.


Haiti Ap Grandi monitors progress of its projects by sending members to our project sites at least once each year (unless security conditions in Haiti prevent such travel) and through frequent email and phone conversations with our partner organizations.

Funding comes from donations by individuals, corporations, community groups, and other non-profit organizations.

100% of your donations are used to improve agricultural and economic development and to provide emergency aid during local or national disasters in Haiti. Haiti Ap Grandi is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with an all-volunteer staff. The minimal expenses for administration, marketing, and fundraising are paid for by donations from the Directors.

None of the Directors or any of their family members is an owner, investor, or employee of any organization that receives funding from Haiti Ap Grandi, or that provides paid goods or services to it.