Our mission is to achieve food and income security for the people in southern Haiti. We support the work of the Haitian-based non-profit “Passion for Haiti” led by agronomist Etienne Francois, Reciprocal Ministries International, and other organizations dedicated to service in Haiti.

Latest Posts

  • Video Recording of Haiti Club Zoom

    The Haiti Club met on Monday, April 8, 2024 from 6:30-7:30 PM pacific time. Enjoy the video; a lot of good information was presented.

  • Etienne Speaks about His Programs

    In a recorded phone call, Etienne gave a review of 2023 program results and shared his plans and hopes for 2024. Click on the image below to listen. (depending on your device, you might need to use the play/stop controls in the lower left corner) To see a text version of the information he covers, plus photos and additional data, refer to the brief slide presentation in our previous post by clicking here.

    Etienne’s Program Report
  • 2023 Goat Roundup & Agronomy Review

    See what amazing work Etienne Francois and his agronomy interns have been doing for the people of southwestern Haiti over the last year. Major projects include the Kids for Kidz goat program, training and support for farm families, educating college students, and veterinary clinics that treated thousands of farm animals. Click through this slideshow for photos and more information about the goats, livestock, field preparation, seeds, and veterinary services provided to farm families to increase their production and income. Below the slideshow is a very short video clip of a boy and his new goat.

    Click through the slideshow with the up & down arrow buttons in the upper left corner of the slides. If you are viewing this on the website Home page, the slideshow isn’t visible. To see it, please click here to see the full post.

    “I love my goat so much!”

Current Programs in Support of Our Mission

Kids 4 Kidz Goat Program
Kids 4 Kidz
Interns Carrying Bagged Trees
Restoring the Land
Food and Income Security
Food and Income Security